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Kindergarten London

Kindergarten London Ontario

Right from the start, your parents have started teaching you from walking and talking. And in the span of being a toddler, a child can develop skills necessary to advance. Learning begins within the family, and it’s up to the parents to create that foundation for a child to be ready for school.

As a parent, once you have decided to let your child attend school, your utmost priority at that moment is to enter your child at the best child nursery. You want to keep in mind which institution will suit what you think will be the best for your child. Early child development is one of the key factors to secure a bright future for your child. And to help you with that, you will need the help of the finest institution for kindergarten and pre-school in London ON.

Matthews Hall

One of the leading institutions that aim towards excellence, Matthew’s Hall, is a school where we positively promote responsibility, competence, and determination. Recognized by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, trust Matthews Hall to nurture each of its students to become independent, optimistic, and future leaders. The school has helped students develop their skills and work habits and their confidence and compassion for others.

We have a strong belief that everyone must have active participation in their community that it positively encourages their students to participate and share their knowledge. We are also given opportunities to showcase our talent as well as the display of leadership.

Matthews Hall Kindergarten

At first glance, it may seem a hard choice to choose among London Ontario kindergarten schools. But you don’t need to think twice as Matthews Hall got you covered. We are your perfect choice to establish your child’s foundation of learning. From numeracy to literacy, Matthew Halls will let your child develop their skills in this aspect. With a focus on teaching and allowing them to practice writing, reading, and mathematics, your child is sure to be on its way to excellence. We also get to develop creativity like in music and encourage them to have healthy physical well-being through physical education.

More than just academics, kindergarteners of Matthews Halls also receive French lessons through an immersion approach, which will help them develop proficiency with the French language. Even during school activities and classroom interaction, the French language is used so that everyone has the chance to hone their skills in this language.

The Campus

The institution of Matthews Hall exudes a perfect ambiance for learning with our warm classroom setups, library, gymnasium, performing arts studio, laboratory, gallery, and even the gardens. Everything is well equipped and up-to-date to cater to the needs of each student. Once you stepped into this school, you will feel its warmth and hospitality, ready to welcome anyone.

When it comes to your child’s education, no need to look further as Matthews Hall will have everything you need. Your child will, indeed, develop a love for learning. Trust that your child’s future is in good hands. Contact the admission office at 519-471-1506.

Kindergarten London

Matthews Hall Independent School

+1 519-471-1506
1370 Oxford Street West

London ON N6H 1W2 CA

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