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Shiurim On Marriage

Marriage is of central importance to the Jewish faith. The significance of marriage is evident when we look at the teachings of the Torah. Genesis 2:18 states,’ It is not good for a man to be alone.’

So, why is it that Jewish men are increasingly vary of marrying? But more importantly, how should a man handle such an intimate decision?

In this shiurim on marriage, we’ll learn the true nature of intimate relationships and what do they look like for men.

A Guide to Dating and Relationships

When we think about dating and relationships in the modern sense, Jewish Law seems to disregard such practices. On the contrary, Judaism stresses the importance of finding the Bashert or the Soulmate. And a man cannot find his soulmate without interacting with women. Therefore, dating when used solely for knowing each other is allowed.

However, when you date to satisfy your physical desire and not for marriage, dating becomes prohibited. Aside from a few exceptions, it is not permissible for a man and a woman to touch each other before marriage.

In short, for a Jew, dating, and marriage go hand in hand.

How to Maintain Purity in Marriage

After one has found his Bashert and decided to get married, it is time to know how to maintain purity in marriage.

Purity in marriage comes when you follow the rulings of the Torah and the Talmud. For instance, when deciding what you can and cannot do after you are married, you should follow the laws detailed in the Talmud.

Additionally, purity in marriage is also a consequence of a man’s dedication to his wife. No marriage can be pure unless the husband loves and cherished his wife.

Similarly, where a woman has obligations to her husband, the husband also has obligations to his wife. For example, it is the responsibility of the husband to ensure that his wife’s sexual needs are met. It is also the husband’s responsibility to protect his wife from the harshness of the world around her.

Only after a man learns to take responsibility for the marriage and follows the rulings of the Jewish Law can a marriage remain pure.

Marriage and Children

While procreation is not the primary purpose of marriage, it is the responsibility of every Jewish couple to raise their children according to Jewish traditions. This cannot happen in a marriage where the husband does not know his duties.

After marrying, the husband must see to the well being of his family. While the mother plays a central part in the upbringing of kids, the father must watch over his family. He must teach his kid how to be better. Better when it comes to faith and better when it comes to day to day life.

Children who respect and follow the teachings of Judaism are the fruit of a blessed marriage.

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Shiurim On Marriage

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