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About us



Here are some updates as to what Aha Mastery is going to provide to You and/or also Very Likely to Your Friends as well… read on.

We are in the business of providing knowledge, insights, and also inspiration to all the folks out there that want to go make a difference in this world. We will do that by providing Digital Courses, online meetings, and creating online forums for exploration and cooperation.

Allow me to Paint A Picture of what I have in mind.

But first, let me introduce myself for those who have not met me yet. My name is Alf Marcussen. Born and raised in Norway, but quite early in my career, I migrated to The USA…or more precisely, San Francisco, California.

I moved there to continue my education and also see and experience other parts of the World… and what better country than the USA and Especially California to do that in.

……AND what better time to be there from the mid-’80s, through the “Roaring-’90s with the Internet Boom” and all the way, far into the 2000s with the Boom and Bust and then Boom Again of the economy… … what Exciting times!

I have to give credit where credit is due….. first and foremost to my parents for trusting me in all my endeavors….relentlessly positive and unselfish and also a Big Shout Out to my Favorite Aunt, Lillian, who always supported me and could not think of enough ways to encourage me and staying positive, Always in my heart…

…. ok.. let’s get on with it, and sorry for boring you with this intro.

What Aha Mastery is really all about is sharing knowledge, inspiration, and insights gained through my 30+ years living in San Francisco.

My Big Goal Is to Help Others find their own True Passion in Life and become Wildly Successful at whatever they set out to accomplish and … make a Difference in their own lives and that of their own family and friends’ lives.

Here are some examples of the Digital Courses I want to enrich my following with:

  1. Learn To Create Your Very Own MasterMind Group – Where You Pick The Topic / Focus Of Your Group.

NOTES: This is Hands Down The Most important thing/concept that I took home with me from my lengthy stay in San Francisco. I learned early on that working in small, intimate groups of 2 to 6 people was KEY in succeeding faster and achieving more and thereby taking it to a whole new level.

The power of the Mastermind is almost unexplainable, yet always works… kind of like an invisible force… almost like magic and trying to explain it does not do it justice. However, there are very specific steps and strategies to keep in mind that only can be learned by having been in such groups for close to 30 years…and that is what I am bringing to the table in this very, very special course.

  1. Goal Achieving – Go After Your Goals In A Whole New Strategic Way… and Get Results Much, Much Faster.

NOTES: Learn some clever insights from The Masters that have “been there, done that before” and shortcut your own process when you want to go after important Goals that you want make sure you get great results from.

  1. Learn How to Make Extraordinary introductions and Put Yourself In The Drivers-Seat In Doing So.

NOTES: This is a pretty darn cool concept. I have always loved introducing someone to somebody… just because I always have enjoyed helping other people… When I saw what a good friend of mine, Bill Doerr did for me one time… it simply “Blew Me Away” with the effect it had both on me as well as the person I was introduced to. …and the REALLY cool part was…that the people that got introduced to each other this way… THEY definitely want to try to help the guy/gal that INTRODUCED the two of them… so it becomes a win, win and WIN… “You Gotta Love It”.

  1. Become The Best Party Promoter In Your City.

NOTES: I started gathering Friends of Friends as a hobby when I was in college just to “go have fun together”…and little did I know that I had started on a 22-year career as a Party Promoter in San Francisco. In this course, I will teach the aspiring City Party Promoter to start from scratch how to build their own Party Following Group and take it to the Next Level, and the Next Level.