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Virtual Assistants DONE FOR YOU!


Hiring Virtual Assistants (The Perfect VA) that is, Reliable, Smart, Organized, Trustworthy, and not the least EXPERIENCED, is not an easy task at all. We have over 15+ years experience in screening and training Virtual Assistants from abroad, that way you don’t need to take on any more worries.

About This Product:

We have been around the block when it comes to hiring and training VAs…. and we want to make this process not only quicker for you but also much less painful and help you succeed in finding the right one Much, Much faster…. 

Trust us on the following statement:  We have Hired HUNDREDS of VA’s during out 15+ years in business…and it has NOT been easy, and we want to Take That PAIN away from you by applying our “Painfully Acquired Experience” so that we can get this DONE FOR YOU and Get Going with the Right VA, Right Away.

We have already pre-screened thousands of Virtual Assistants (VAs) for you as we Truly KNOW how hard it is to find the perfect one…the one that REALLY suits your needs and one that you can trust.

This offer also comes with a guarantee.  We will first of course get information from you as to what “Type Of VA You are Looking for”, as that way we can scan through our big database to suggest the Best VA for your needs.  This process is important as you would need to “define an area” of “expertise” that you would like your VA to have experience in.   

IMPORTANT STATEMENT:  Most VA’s don’t have more than 1 or 2 core skills, so if you are “hoping to get a VA” that can do everything, then you are out of luck… with ANYONE that you hire to find you a great VA. 

So, think of a General Area that you would be needing help with, ex. Social Media Marketing, or Bookkeeping, Content writing, Phone work, Video/image Editing, or what have you.  Then it will be much easier to match you up with a great VA.  And if you need more than one VA, we can of course help with that as well.

So back to the Guarantee (but it was important for me to state these things upfront):

We will match you up with your “ideal VA” and you will engage with that VA for 30 days, and of course pay the agreed upon salary to the VA and us, but if you for any reason are not happy, we will find another VA that you can work with for the following 30 days.   We are mentioning this as sometimes “personalities can clash” or what have you. 

You will also have an unconditional cancellation within the first 7 days if you are not happy with our services.

We of course hope it will work out with the very first VA we provide you with so it is important that we all follow our agreements.  We will provide a more detailed agreement once we decide to move forward.

So, NOW…it is time to take action. let’s get started on this wonderful new journey so that we can help your company grow and expand and so that you can start delegating the tasks you rather not do yourself OR that you possibly don’t even KNOW how to do yourself.

Email us at and Claim your Hassle free solution now!