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ChatGPT: Learn How To Use It in less than 45 min. 

Learn to use ChatGPT effortlessly with this easy-to-follow course. Master AI and confidently implement it in your daily work. Get ready to transform your productivity with this powerful tool and IMMEDIATELY put it to use. It is EXTREMELY useful and powerful!

ChatGPT: Learn Quickly How To Implement It In Your BusINESS
Take Your Knowledge to the Next Level.

About This Product:

I often say that when there is a powerful tool or technology available, intelligent individuals tend to figure out how to utilize it to their advantage, rather than simply avoiding it. It’s an inevitable truth. The real question is how one plans to utilize the tool and how it will affect them and their opportunities going forward.

Are you someone that is thinking about or already running your own business and sometimes struggle with new technology?  Well, you are not alone…but I got GOOD NEWS for you.  I also used to struggle with new technology, but I figured out in simple ways of how to make it work to my advantage.

When I started using ChatGPT and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) software… my world Changed …and Changed FAST.  If you were to have a Peak Into my Day To Day operations as a small business owner.. You would find me using Chat GPT for hours every day… it helps me with so many different things, and FAST. …

In this simple course, I will teach you step-by-step how you will be able to do that with ChatGPT and IMMEDIATELY implement it in your day-to-day operations.  Simple things like: Coming up with a more Catchy, Clickable subject line for your Facebook post or email newsletter. Or even write a Full Blog For you in SECONDS, tailored to YOUR NICHE and using your KW’s (Keywords) so you focus on more important stuff that REALLY requires your attention… I can GUARANTEE you that ChatGPT and some of these other AI tools that I will introduce you to, will CHANGE YOUR WORLD …in a Heart Beat.

….it is EASY to use once you know How to use it and What to use it for…and when you learn to Ask “it” (the Robot), the “right questions” and “the right Prompts”… it will go FETCH the content that you are looking for and put it all together.. 

Small business owners, like you and me, will love this tool.  I have trained my ENTIRE TEAM to use ChatGPT and it saves us HOURS and HOURS of work every single day… you will BELIEVE it when you SEE it….and I will Hold You By The Hand and Make you a ChatGPT expert within the first hour of taking this course…..I can assure you of that.

This course includes…

  • Several Video Modules (I will add videos as we go along too so I don’t have a complete count….yet)
  • Examples of Prompts and Questions you will “ask” so that you can get the results you want
  • The Audio so you can listen to it in your car or when you are out and about
  • Access to course creator for questions and answers
  • Bonus videos that will take you to the next level within AI

Who’s Behind This Course? 

I am Alf Marcussen, born and raised in Norway, and I lived and thrived in San Francisco, CA, for over 30 years. 

I was blessed to be exposed to technology and all of “that” in the late 1990’s…. 

And as a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing professional for over 35 years this was a blessing as I got access to information that few others had. 

I have two marketing degrees.  One from Norway (born and raised there) and one from San Francisco State University. 

I started off in my family’s food business doing all kinds of tasks, including selling to stores and restaurants. 

Later on, I moved to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, California where I lived for over 30 years.  I also worked for a Fortune 500 company as a marketing assistant early on in my career.

When in the USA, I quickly got bitten by the bug to start and run my own businesses and I started several successful companies “Over There”, both in event planning/party promotion and in the e-commerce space. 

I also invented the concept of the “RipCard”, which I filed a patent for, it helps people get more direct referrals to their businesses. 

I also founded one of the most popular Party Promotion companies in San Francisco which I operated for 22 years.  In addition to that, I have been a full-time seller on Amazon since 2012.   

A key concept that I learned early on was that I needed to use technology to elevate, or should I say, propel myself forward, faster.  I never regretted the time I have spent learning how to leverage technology. 

I am here to generously share in my myriad of experiences, both what I have learned professionally and personally.  I have Big Hopes to help and impact as many individuals as I possibly can.

Why?  Because I know there are so many talented individuals out there, with great businesses and ideas and I KNOW 100% for sure that with the right tools and the right attitude we can ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your lives… 

 ….So, let’s get Rollin…. and get your business on track and the success you have been longing for..

 …I Got Your Back!

I’ll give you my full money-back guarantee if you for any reason don’t think this is for you and you let me know within 30 days. . 


Alf Marcussen