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SET up your winning business!

This tool is structured to help you map out actionable steps for your business within specific time frames. This approach aids in breaking down large goals into manageable tasks, allowing you more focused and gradual progression towards bigger objectives.

Here’s what each section means:

  1. Next 15 Minutes: This is about immediate action. What is the very first step you can take right after setting a goal? It’s designed to get you moving immediately, harnessing the momentum and enthusiasm from the moment of decision.
  2. Next Hour: Extending from the immediate actions, this section prompts you to think about slightly larger or more intensive tasks that can be started or even completed within the next hour.
  3. Next 24 Hours: Within the span of a day, what significant strides can you take towards your goal? This might be about planning, setting meetings, or initiating a particular task.
  4. Next 7 Days: Over the course of a week, larger tasks and commitments come into play. This section will help you plan out your week with actionable steps, keeping the bigger picture in mind.
  5. Next 14 Days: As you move into a two-week frame, you’re looking at more extended projects, deeper strategies, or perhaps iterative tasks that build on the previous week’s achievements.
  6. Next 30 Days: By this point, you’re looking at a month’s worth of progress. This section prompts you to lay out tasks or goals that take a more considerable amount of time, effort, or resources. You’re also likely reflecting on the cumulative effect of the actions from the previous sections.
  7. Next Year: This section is the long game. Here, you’re prompted to think about where you want to be a year from now. It’s about broader objectives and milestones. It’s less about specific daily tasks and more about larger-scale projects, growth markers, or strategic shifts you hope to accomplish in the year.

In essence, this chart is designed to get you thinking both micro and macro. Starting with what you can do right now, this very minute, and leading all the way up to where you envision yourself a year down the line. This approach ensures that at any given moment, you’re clear on your next steps, and you’re always working in service of the bigger picture.