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Are you Consistently keeping your New Year’s Resolution?

It is a New Year… and I don’t know about YOU… but I am
excited about 2023! I am always excited about “New Starts”
… it is like we “get to have a Go At It” all over again…we
get a second chance to give it another SHOT!

Personally, I am NOT BIG on making New Year’s Resolutions,
however, I am big on making “New Starts” as it lifts me up and
offers me a “Free Opportunity” to give “it” another GO!

…this time around I am starting something referred to as the
Pomodoro Technique…., heard about it? Well, it is something
I have been “gearing up for” for a long while now …something
I REALLY wanted to incorporate it into my DAILY MORNING

…as they say… Win Your Morning and Win Your Day.
Having a Morning Routine is Crucial in “my Book”!…and I
honestly Feel it should be so for everyone… including YOU!
If you can Win Your Morning you are immediately on the
right track to Take Charge AND CRUSH the rest of your Day,
your Week…or heck.. The Rest of this YEAR!

…oh…so back to the Pomodoro technique
(reg. Trademark of Francesco Cirillo) and in short it is
“setting a timer and working on a specific task, undisturbed and
then taking a BREAK for a set amount of time… then repeating
that 4 times throughout the day…it will BLOW YOU AWAY!
with how well it works and how much you will get done.

That’s it for today… and my first email to you, in this New Year,
2023. Let’s make this a year where we Crush Our Goals…
where we really make a difference in our OWN Lives… and
then those of “Others”!

I am “Big On” helping … as the MORE people we help get
what They want, then we can Have Anything We Want *Jim
Rohn Quote.

Hit Me Back with ONE thing you want to Start with This week
…something you KNOW will make a Big Difference in your
Own Life?

Now you know MY “secret”: Doing My Daily Pomodoro’s,
5 days a week (M-F).

…what are You going to Start? Come On…tell me yours right
here in this email.

Click here to reply

“Up Yours!” (Up Your Income) ;-) Sorry about the “pun”
…and See You at the Top!