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Did you take the First Step?…

Did you take the First Step?… the first step on your new journey towards Your “better life”… the better way of achieving your “goals/dreams”?

In the last couple of emails, I asked you to write down two things…

ONE: To write down ONE thing that Really Gets YOU FIRED UP…. ideally it is business-focused, but it does not have to be, it can even be one of your hobbies, but it should be something you really DESIRE to do.

Then # TWO: Write down one or two people’s names that you really felt comfortable with, “Gelled with”.
If you did that… GREAT… and if you didn’t, it is OK to do that NOW as well…. Stop reading and Just write it down NOW.

…and to take you all the way back to the very First Email, I gave you a HUGE TIP about HOW I am using this “new” cool tool at no cost, called the Pomodoro Technique… if you did not start using it by now… You really owe it to yourself to do so Right Now… here is a link and you can use it right in your browser OR simply with your Timer on your phone (

Taking the First Step is usually the hardest for most people… eh… Let me restate that… actually continuing consistently AFTER THE FIRST STEP is even harder…and that is where a Tool Like this will come in very handy for most of us. I am probably very similar to you, I procrastinate as well… I struggle with staying consistent too… so why not use our own Inspiration and the inspiration of others to “keep on keeping on” 😉

…AND… that is EXACTLY why I am “nudging you forward” to creating your very own Mastermind Group…or call it “support group” or “Think-Tank”, if you like… it is basically a group for you to belong to …to help you in reaching your goals and dreams.

OK.. I know I am repeating myself… but I am here For You, I got YOUR BACK…do You have MINE? Seriously,… really, I honestly CARE FOR YOU.. I honestly ONLY want the VERY BEST for you …and if there is any way in the World that I can do you a favor… please allow me to do so… as this is REALLY what I am doing my BEST to do right here in this email with you.

So, I don’t want to make these emails too long, but I absolutely had to follow up with you again to make sure I still had your attention… writing emails is NOT my strong suit, but I am giving it a go in hopes that I can help some more people reach their dreams too.

Questions for you…to ask yourself:
1. Did I at least check out the Pomodoro Technique and tried it once?
2. Did I write down at least ONE of my Burning Desires/goals, something that really FIRES ME UP?
3. Did I write down one or two people’s names that I felt like I “gelled with”?

… I surely HOPE you did…as these are pretty easy tasks and are very important for your OWN Success and Future. Do them now… All three of them and let me know how you “FEEL” about that… just the ACT of doing it.