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Did my Last email inspire you?

…so, was I able to “nudge you” to write down ONE thing that you were going to start this New Year, 2023?… I hope so, as “The World” would not be a “Better Place” unless You did so.  …seriously… I am not kidding.

I HONESTLY feel that we all are “put here on Earth” to help each other live better, healthier, happier, prosperous, and more productive lives, and there’s no better way of doing that than…,  well, helping each other in this process… SUPPORT each other while still going after our own goals and dreams. 

…it all starts with ourselves… we have to help ourselves first in order to “put ourselves” in a position where we can help others. 
I have been pondering about that “statement” for quite a while actually… “helping myself before I help others”… sounds kind of selfish, right?  But, NO…it is not… as how can you possibly be “able to” help someone else IF you are not “OK” yourself first? 

….. Silly, but important example…. When you are getting ready for take-off in an airplane, the instructions are “pretty darn clear”: “In case of emergency, put your own oxygen mask on First, THEN assist your other passengers, and children, in this case, with their masks.”  

So… you should be very CLEAR about what YOU need to do First…  HELP YOURSELF FIRST SO THAT YOU CAN HELP OTHERS AS WELL.

…Guess what…, When I moved to San Francisco, California in 1985, and lived there for a little over 30 years, I learned a WHOLE BUNCH OF NEW THINGS that I never thought I would ever be exposed to… but I am SO BLESSED that I was. 

… I learned how to work in Mastermind Groups (MM)!  It’s probably the “BIGGEST THING” I have ever come across in my entire life… SERIOUSLY…even to this date!

…and one of the MAIN principles, if not THE PRINCIPAL of a Mastermind Group, is that YOU are there to Help The Others in your MM group, reach their goal(s)…. And in that process, YOU will also reach yours.  “Give and You Shall Receive”, is what the scriptures say.…

NOW… that all sounds a little contradicting to what I just stated above – where you need to HELP YOURSELF FIRST, BEFORE YOU help the others…… but NO, as in this “PROCESS” of HELPING others, YOU will actually Receive even MORE in return… Yes, it is a CRAZY CONCEPT to many people, as many like to TAKE first before they Receive…. But BOY how wrong they are, and BOY what crucial “Life-Altering-Process” they are missing out on…

…the “Takers” are EASY to spot too…, as they stick out like a “Sore Thumb” and you want to Avoid them at all costs…and most people do.

I believe I was put here on earth to Help Other People and I have had “several callings” like that in my life.  One of the signs I have been noticing when “those callings” happen is that I get “REALLY FIRED UP”… I feel like I am “In The Flow, in the ZONE”…things just MOVE and HAPPEN To me and For me… or like the Great Tony Robbins says: “Life does not happen To You…. it happens FOR YOU!” … both Good and Bad…and it is up to YOU to figure out what you want to “listen to and Learn from”. 

As we “move through” this conversation that we are having here right now, you and me, one on one… it is my hope that I will help you find your “True self”, something that You are really FIRED up about…and then I will help you take that to the NEXT level and the Next.

…so just Watch, see and engage with me if you are able to and we will shoot for the Stars and most likely REACH the Moon… at least  😉

Question for you:  Think of One Thing that REALLY gets you FIRED up… it can be absolutely Anything… but it MUST be something that you Really Get Fired Up About.

… and write that down on a piece of paper and put it where you can see it daily.