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Question for you: Did you Find it?

Did you find it? … I am referring to my previous email where I asked you if you have found something that really, really gets you FIRED UP, that really gets you excited?

…if your answer was YES… High FIVE to you, and even a Bigger HIGH FIVE if you are doing something about it. Like Einstein Said: “Nothing Happens Until Something Moves”… and he also said something about the fact that Without Enthusiasm Nothing Good Comes From It. And he was so right.

Have you ever engaged in team sports? I have since I was a little kid… I played soccer, handball, footbag/hacky-sack, and more…and I did it very competitively too… practiced 5+ days a week.

What happens in team sports when you have a “tight team” that really “gels”, meaning, the team members really understand each other and work together to reach a common goal?

…When you find that flow “things change”, communication and cooperation “just happens”… and so is the case with “work” as well.

Have you ever been in a “Tight Mastermind Group”… one that consisted of members that were all there for each other? I have… for over 25+ years to be more precise. It can only really be “explained” by actually “Being IN One that really Flows”… one where all the members work together as a Team and TRULY care for each other by “Showing up and Engaging”.

This is “My Calling”…this is My True Passion and I honestly feel that I am on my Life’s-Mission to help others avail of this “Concept / Technique / Or “WhatchaMaCallit”… I truly am.

Questions for You:
Today I would like you to think of one or two people that you have met over the years or even in the last few months, that you really felt comfortable around… a person that you had a nice “connection with” when you communicated with them. This person could potentially be a “future member” of your Mastermind Group.

Ideally, this person is not a close “personal friend” or family member, but he or she is someone you have met in a business setting… I will get into “Why” I think that is best, later… but write this person/people’s name on a piece of paper, OR in your digital notes…, but it is important that you do so, NOW, not later.

OK..that was it for today… talk to you more soon.