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I LOVE, LOVE Fridays!

I actually should have written this email to you on a Friday, but I like to be “Early Rather Than Late” so I figured… why not NOW rather than Later…Or for some, never.

So you probably wonder why I love Fridays… It is pretty simple actually, at least for me: I have found that other people in “general” are in a “happier mood” on Fridays… and when I worked in the Corporate World in the US, Fridays were always “Casual Dress Days”… no “Suit and Tie” that day 😉

But was it just that?… just because of “others” being in a happier mood on a Friday…and no “Suit and Tie”,… could it really be that simple? Probably yes, and also because the weekend was just hours away…everyone looks forward to enjoying something else other than “Work”. Well, I could see that being important.

So why did I want to use a whole EMAIL on WHY I LOVE FRIDAYS? It might surprise you…, but it is a CLEVER TIP I want to “Gift You With”, that I think you can use to your advantage as well.

… you see, when Fridays come around… for ME, (Alf), I use this to my advantage in the following way: Knowing that “most people” are in a GOOD MOOD that day… I use that day to take on my most “challenging tasks”… which usually involve “other people’s consent” since they will be more inclined to respond positively when they are in a “Good Mood” themselves… Does that make sense?

…another very important point that I almost forgot to STRESS: “I Am in a Good Mood On Fridays”… AND I MUST use that to my advantage… right… Here is a simple “verification”:

When You smile AT SOMEONE…they usually SMILE BACK, right? … well there you have it…

… try it …Give It A GO, and I would love to hear back from you if that is something that works for you as well… Surely Does for me.

PS. I guess you will be suspicious if I call you one of these days… ON A FRIDAY, wondering what I might have up my sleeve ;-)… Ha, ha… Just could not help fitting that comment in here.

The task for you: Think of One Important thing that you want to “ask of another person”…and something that you commit to doing This coming “first” Friday.