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Did You Know…

Did You Know That doing things over and over again creates HABITS, and HABITS are hard to BREAK when you “get in the groove”… One of my favorite books is Atomic Habits by James Clear. …he talks about making little tweaks, ergo, Atomic Changes…and how they will have a PROFOUND impact on where you “end up”.

…I just LOVED how he points out So Many Small Changes that you can make which will have a HUGE impact… AND this is something that is repeated over and over and OVER again by MY mentors as well:… The LITTLE THINGS YOU DECIDE TO DO….. and DO CONSISTENTLY… Day in and Day OUT… Those are the Things that MOVE The NEEDLE…, that help you succeed.

…and the sooner you realize that my Friend… the Sooner you will see changes in your life that are…well, almost beyond one’s comprehension. And that is also why SO many people do NOT succeed with many of their “plans” or Goals or what have you…since they “NEGLECT” the Little Things…, the Atomic Habits that we MUST put in place to reach our Deepest Desires, our Most Important Goals.

…so the question begs, what “little change” are you willing to start with, right NOW? I challenge you to start with just ONE LITTLE CHANGE… just ONE… and stick with it EVERY day… and Be CONSCIOUS about Doing it every day. What do I mean about being “Conscious About Doing it”? Simply: Be AWARE that you are doing it, then “Give Yourself Credit Or Praise” for doing it, then watch and see what happens next…

…Stick with that for 60 days then “report back to me”…yes, and after those 60 days, share it right here with us…, I will add it to my “Email Blog” if I have your permission to do so.

That was it for today’s message, but before I let you go,… if you would not mind…, send me a reply back right now with a “Small But Important Habit” that you will “take on” for the NEXT SIXTY DAYS, that you will commit to doing.