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Did You Know You Are Cool Too?

I appreciate you reading my emails/posts.., especially today since I want to give you a Really Cool TOOL that I am using to set myself apart from “others”… no, I am not trying to BRAG here, but I want to share this Cool Tool with you so that YOU can use it to your advantage too.

…ok, let’s get to it. Many of you know I LOVE building Mastermind Groups (MM) and I Love connecting and helping people when given the opportunity. However, when I started out building my own Mastermind groups many, many moons ago…like 26+ years ago…it did not come easy to me to “understand” why “Others” would want to join My MM group.

… Why should they join my Group and What Was In It For Them, right? So, not long ago, I was introduced to a REALLY COOL TOOL, by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi…that REALLY changed the way I was doing things… especially when it came to building my own MMs.

I simply started to think of Everything that was COOL ABOUT ME, Alf, that would normally NOT go on my Resume…or that I would not NORMALLY talk about in a networking setting.

So, how could this help YOU? Well, let me ask you this: If you were to meet a person that you barely knew, would you not be curious about what “character” that person was like?… What likes and dislikes do they have?… what made them tick?… what made them excited and what passions they had?… At least I would… I would like to know even more than that…

…SO …this Tool helped me “Flush out/Think about” what I could tell someone about me that they otherwise would not know, but that I thought would be important… and I would talk about that with them… and I can guarantee you that they would “Feel My Passion” for it and that would create a very good rapport, INSTANTLY!

Let me take the LEAD HERE… but I want you to start JOTTING down some COOL THINGS about YOU as I do the same here… Some of it might Sound like “bragging” to some of you, but it is NOT intended to be that, however, I am also truly proud of some of the things that I have accomplished.

Alf: I became one of the biggest party promoters in San Francisco and was known for throwing Amazingly fun parties and even had a Halloween party at City Hall that had over 5,000 people. I had over 20,000 people on my email list and even one of the founders of PayPal and Hotmail became my friend because of the connections I made there.

…I am also a HUGE DOG LOVER…and will do whatever I can to protect or help any dogs (and animals in need, actually) out there that I see…so when I go to India with my wife, I meet all these stray dogs on the street, and I “talk with all of them” when I meet them…to let them know that they are loved and not alone.

I have also competed in Sailing since I was six years old and have a silver medal in the Norwegian sailing championship… I also trained myself to become the number 2 player in the world in Footbag / Hackysack Net… it took me 8 years of dedicated practice.

…ok. I don’t want to bore you with more stuff about me, but I wanted to INSPIRE YOU to think about things that you think are Cool about you… and I mean, What YOU think is cool about YOU…

Just to give you some more ideas…I could have also talked about how I was a vegetarian for over 25 years, I was a dog handler in the Norwegian Army training German Shepherds to both find and attack people, I love reading books that can “Do something for me”, I donated a bunch of money to good causes when I organized my parties and I love nature and berry picking, and fishing too 😉

My point here is, list out Everything and Anything that you are Excited about, and I can guarantee you that “someone” will be curious to ask you more about this and that and before you know it people would want to know more about you and your interests and would most likely want to join your MM.

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!