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Do you Do What You Want To do?

Do you Do What You Want to DO? Not everyone gets to do what they would like to do… What about YOU?

We all have decisions to make…we all make decisions and we all either decide to take action on our opportunities OR we decide NOT to take ACTION on them. But either way, if you decide NOT to take ACTION on them… and as funny as it might seem, you still made a “decision”… …not to make a decision.

….. Ok.. your head might be “spinning” after that “ramble”… I know My head is… I am not really such a deep thinker…but this question pops into my mind every now and then. And it is an important question as we move through our lives… we have to make decisions about where we are “going” no matter how much we like it or not.

The way I view it is that if we don’t have any Dreams or Aspirations as to where we want to go…, then what I have at least discovered… we end up somewhere “else” that is probably not even close to where we wanted to go.

… However, if we have spent a little time tapping into our Burning Desires like Napoleon Hill talks about in his book: “Think and Grow Rich”, we stand a much bigger chance of at least getting closer to our goals/dreams than having none at all.
So, are you “getting to do what you WANT to do?” Are you anywhere near your dreams…are you pushing yourself to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF that you can possibly be?

….those are important questions that you DO want to start asking yourself NO matter what stage in life you are, however, I have also learned that sometimes our Dreams and Goals change… and nothing wrong with that…but then it is time to Get Back Up On The Horse again and “Decide to Make a Decision” of where you want to go next.

PS. Hope this inspired some of you out there that might feel that they need a little KICK IN THE BUTT… well, there it is… I just Kicked you…but What are YOU GOING to DO about it… well, that is still up to you to Decide.

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….

You’ve got this!