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It Is All About Connection!

Hi!…Alf here again… with another RANT! 😉

Networking is not just for the elite, it’s for everyone! And it’s all about CONNECTION! We all network in our daily lives, but we can always improve and connect with more and more people.

The key to success in networking is to start with courage and not necessarily with a lot of confidence. You need to be okay with bumbling your way through and learning as you go….trust me, I did a lot of that, actually, I still feel I actually do that sometimes…but I am NOT letting that stop me 😉… Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly in the beginning.

I’ve gone from a pretty shy introvert to building one of the best social events in San Francisco that lasted for over 22 years!. How did I do it? With a Desire to Connect with like-minded people and see others have fun too… It Fueled and IGNITED ME BEYOND BELIEF!

I had a longing to connect with people. As long as you have the desire, and understand that all money earned is a by-product of value creation, you can do it too!

Lead with what you can do for others, go into relationships with a helpful and grateful mindset, and expect nothing in return…. “I know, that can be hard to do”… but stick to it and you will find out that what I am telling you here IS IN FACT TRUE…. Helping others leads to success, and that’s what it takes.

There’s no more valuable skill than connecting and building a network of individuals with unique skills and capabilities. It can help solve any problem you may face, from parenting to spirituality to business and more.

So, go ahead, start connecting and building a network of individuals with skills and capabilities that you might not have and Go Make A Difference In This precious time we have on this earth.

The world is waiting for you!

Your Mastermind Group Expert

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!