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Does it Stick or does it Not Stick?

Hey entrepreneurs! We know all too well that our minds are often bustling hubs of ideas, to-dos, and brilliant strokes of inspiration. While our entrepreneurial spirit thrives on this constant flurry of thoughts, it can sometimes feel like we’re juggling way too many mental balls. So, how do we keep track of it all?

Let me share a few creative strategies that have helped me keep my entrepreneurial mind organized, and hopefully, they can do the same for you.

1. The Power of Sticky Notes: They might be small, but they are mighty. Placing sticky notes around your workspace (or home) with reminders, tasks, or even motivational quotes can serve as a constant visual cue, and trust me, they’re hard to ignore! It is also VERY powerful to PHYSICALLY write something down…it just does something to the brain and helps you remember it better…somehow.

2. The Art of Voice Memos: Harness the power of technology and let your voice do the remembering. Quick voice memos on your smartphone can be a game-changer. Plus, hearing your own voice repeat the task or idea can make it stick. BrainToss the app is a game changer for me.

3. The Magic of Calendar Alerts: In the digital age, our calendars aren’t just for tracking appointments. Set alerts for essential tasks, deadlines, or habit-building activities. It’s like having a personal assistant living inside your phone.

4. The Strength of Routine: Build reminders into your daily routines. Pairing a new task with a well-established habit, such as checking your top three priorities for the day while your coffee brews, can create a powerful reminder system.

5. The Charm of Wall Charts: A visible, tangible chart on your wall not only keeps crucial tasks and goals in sight but can also give a satisfying sense of progress as you tick things off.

Remember, these strategies are not about adding more clutter to your mind but freeing up some mental space. So you can focus on what you do best – innovating, creating, and leading your new business to success.

Stay focused, keep those reminders handy, and here’s to your continued success!

To your success,

… I am just saying… Do “Suummmthing” about it and see the change it will make for you.

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

You’ve got this!