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Don’t Just Be A “Plain Jane” Type Of Business

Don’t be just a PLAIN JANE… Be Different… Stand out.

If you are a Baker… don’t JUST be a BAKER… What do I mean by that? …as being a Baker is of course GREAT too… but you need to come up with a Unique “Label” of what you are….

…instead….. start thinking of what is UNIQUE about YOU…the Baker, the Businessman/woman …so that you can STAND OUT and BE DIFFERENT. Are you for instance a specialist on a particular type of cake or cupcakes or cookies or pies or pizzas, or maybe French Pastries or Mexican or Italian or Chinese type of baking…

… now you are differentiating yourself and you are NICHIFYING yourself… if you are “Just Going To Be Labeled as another BAKER”… you are just another “Brick In The Wall”… type of business. …and WHO in the WORLD would want to be that 😉

Think about what YOUR Specialized skills and or Niche is… stop being GENERIC…

TIP for you: Use ChatGPT or any other AI tool out there and come up with five to ten different, unique Labels or Niches that you can start “naming yourself” when people want “some baked goods”.

PS.. did you by any chance know that I have a course about how to use ChatGPT?… well…check it out, you can find it on my AhaMastery website and there will be a link below for you to find it.

So… Up Yours!… (meaning, Up Your Income) and see you at the top 😉

… I am just saying… Do “Suummmthing” about it and see the change it will make for you.

PPS…check out my Social Media Channels.

…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!


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