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Ever Thought Of This?….

Hey there…ever considered this: If you could do whatever you wanted to do AND get paid for it…have you ever had those thoughts before?
…well, I have… and as a matter of fact… I had that opportunity when I lived in San Francisco for a little over 30 years!

I gotta do what I love the most… Organize Parties. It started out as a hobby by throwing a party in a local bar in one of the small neighborhoods of SF. I was a student at the university then and some American friends of mine “noticed that there were many cute girls from Norway that also were students at the very same university”…so they thought it could be a “clever Idea” to invite them all to a party.

…so this friend of mine, Sam and I decided to contact a friend of his that had a small bar and also had a great sound system… as DANCING was definitely one of the best ways to get to know these women from Norway. ;-) .. .Besides, I had always LOVED to dance…so I was not hard to convince… we gathered 250 people for that first event…not bad! ;-)

…anyway… I am not going to go into too many details here, but what ended up happening is that the following 22 years, I followed my heart and passion and started throwing parties in different places, and for different occasions all over the Bay Area.

…and the reason I wanted to tell you this about me…is because I remember one time when I had organized EIGHT BUSSES of Party Clad people to go see the Gipsy Kings In Concert At the GREEK THEATER in Berkeley… there were 400 people in my group: Alf and Alf was the name… I actually organized 13 trips to see the Gipsy Kings Live while I was in SF…

…and on this specific occasion, a friend of mine Paul, asked me a question that I would NEVER FORGET. …Paul and I were at that point standing maybe 200 meters away from where our group of 400 people were all dancing and having an AWESOME time… and he asked me: “Alf, you have been doing all these great events all over the place, Why Do You Do This?

I answered without HESITATION: “Because I LOVE bringing Friends of Friends together where we ALL have a Great time together!”. Even though I WORKED VERY, VERY hard to make this all happen… To me, this was NOT work…I got to do something I LOVED SO MUCH, that I would not even need to get paid for it!.. PERIOD!

So my question for YOU, my Friend, What can you IMAGINE/SEE yourself doing and LOVING it SO MUCH that you would not even bother if you got paid for it or not?

Write it down in ONE Sentence and “Push it out to the Universe”…as the Universe has a “strange way of making things happen for those that make it a conscious decision of their lives to do the things they love to do.

To your success,

… I am just saying… Do “Suummmthing” about it and see the change it will make for you.

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

You’ve got this!