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Today I want you to join me in some interesting thoughts, some thoughts about the Power of Teams… and NOT going it ALONE… as a matter of fact, I believe that wanting to go it alone is a recipe for failure.

I have been in team sports all my life…and there is nothing like being on a team… helping and rooting on your partners, and teammates do not only give you a great feeling of belongingness, but it also takes YOU to the next level!

The other day I got an email from one of my mentors that really “sparked” this email topic… he was talking about how when you light a fire.. I am referring to the one that burns with flames… in case you wondered… you will never see a “SINGLE” fire-log burn fiercely without the company of Yet Another log….it just does not happen…there is not enough ENERGY and SYNERGY for it to happen.

…and very often you have to put the two logs at a Cross or at least with some “space” between them… to let the “flames” really take hold… you need to “create that environment”, that “energy”….

… just try it, and you will see what I mean…it is a GREAT analogy for us all to follow in our lives as well. We must find a way to work in teams and collaborate and interact and help one another to reach the “next level” in our lives, find that spark, find that enthusiasm, create the “right environment”… you cannot and MUST not do it alone… it just will NOT work….it is actually IMPOSSIBLE!

This is exactly why I am so excited about you ALL working in Mastermind groups…it will not only fuel YOUR FIRE, but it will fuel the fires of the ones around you too…and then bring in another “invisible intelligence” that you will ONLY experience when you find the True Synergy that the “right Mastermind Group” can bring about.

So, {first_name}, if YOU want to take your life to the Next Level and draw on what I have experienced and learned over the +25 years that I have been involved in Mastermind Groups…. Then figure out how to get started with your own MM group before it is too late.

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!