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“Give and Thy Shall Receive”…Live Like a Flower!

Holy Moly… strong words from me here today: “Give and Thy Shall Receive

I always strive to bring value to others and it is in Giving one Receives…. Haven’t you felt that too? I have. And I always strive to bring value to whomever I encounter.

Currently, I am creating a bunch of courses of things that I want others to learn from… something I truly feel that they would benefit GREATLY from…on a Deep level. And one of the things that my mentors are teaching me about is to GIVE MASSIVE VALUE UPFRONT… FIRST… before they even BUY my “product” or course.

And I thought… Why In the World would I want to give away my BIGGEST SECRET… my Biggest GEM and then hope for someone to come buy my Course later on?

… yes, it truly is a question I have been pondering for quite some time… UNTIL I realized that This is EXACTLY how I would attract the Right Person, the Right Customers closer to me…as they would want to learn more and more from me.

…but then I thought… what if I don’t have anything MORE to Teach them…since I now have given away my Biggest SECRET… My Most Valuable Insights… what then…??

…and VIOLA… Here comes the kicker: I asked myself: “would I ever stop to Grow… would I ever stop to LEARN?” Heck NO.. I also will Progress…as the MORE I TEACH others… the MORE I also learn….and that is “EXACTUMENTO” why I will still continue to Grow and be of service to others so that they can Receive My Gift as a teacher…that ALWAYS Grows and that Always have the Best Interest in mind for the other person.

PS. A Very Dear friend of mine, Pepe asked me: Alf, what do the flowers say?… and I would look at him “strangely” as I was not sure he really meant what he was asking me.. Then he would say it again, and this time MORE INTENTLY/STRONGLY: “Alf, what do the flowers say?” I answered, “I don’t know Pepe”…what do they say, I asked” He said: “I love you, I love you, I love You!”

Why am I mentioning this TRUE story? Because…. We all have to Live Like A Flower. Love the People around you, help as many as you can, and Always, ALWAYS Grow and Learn… as when YOU stop Growing and Learning… YOU are dying.

Live Like a Flower!

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!