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How do you become valuable to others?

Wow…How do you become valuable to others? Big Topic that one…but let me take a quick stab at it and see what shakes out. I always strive to bring value to others I encounter for the first time OR that already are my friends. And I find it especially important to do this when I meet someone for the first time. It kind of ignites me and it also puts me in a different “light” right from the Get Go.

However, it MUST be Natural and it also must be a genuine “favor” that really should “mean something” for the person you are doing this for. It does not have to be a HUGE “FLAVOR” (as I sometimes call it), but it should be, again, something that you feel that they could need or would genuinely help them. It could be as simple as a Friendly Comment or a Quick Tip on something that they are either working on or JUST INTERESTED in on a personal level.

Now.. “why would you want to do that,… Don’t you have better things to do with life, Alf?”… I sure do.. But the Pleasure for ME to partake in such an “Act Of Kindness” is VERY, VERY important to me. It makes me feel good….it raises my energy level and it… well…IT JUST MAKES me FEEL GOOD… and what do I get out of that???… I have MORE Energy to “invest” in whatever I am striving to achieve.

…and who does not want to Receive more of that? It is like Paying It Forward… hope you have seen that movie… and if not… put it on your list to watch this weekend. There is Receiving in Giving… no question about it and it is a lesson that is important for everyone to learn.

Let me close with this:
But not everyone is “made like that” that they are Givers…there are plenty of “TAKERS OUT THERE” and you want to learn to “spot them” and avoid them. You want to have your “antennas up and your defenses high as you would feel that the connection will be more Transactional and not Transformational.

… this is a MUCH bigger topic than what I am going to address in this email….about them being Transactional vs. Transformational… but I might take it on in a future email.

Tip: To put yourself in a position to become more valuable to others, you need to follow these principles:

1. Ask questions about THEM, don’t just talk about yourself.

2. It’s perfectly okay to mention a weakness or shortcoming before highlighting your strengths. Don’t let fear hold you back from being honest and authentic in presenting yourself.

3. Speak slowly and comfortably so that you are easy to follow.

4. Pay attention to your body language. Smile often and look people in the eyes…and stand at an angle so that they don’t feel like you are challenging them…

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!