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Who do you hang out with?

You’ve heard the term: “Birds of a feather flock together”! And so it is… and today’s email-rant will be about JUST that.

My goal is to HONESTLY help as MANY people as I possibly can. I feel I have had that “calling” all my life. I have always enjoyed bringing “friends of friends” together… Whether it is for a good time at a party or for a business meeting/endeavor,… I’ve always wanted to help people “connect”.

…and I wanted to do it for the Right Kind Of Reasons… and it was NOT for me to be the center of attention, NO, it was for “the others to get the most out of it” and have a great time. I guess for me, it came kind of naturally as when I grew up I played in a lot of team sports… and I excelled when I felt I was part of the team AND MOST importantly…, could CONTRIBUTE.

Let me give you some background:
As you young man, when I played Soccer, I was a Midfield Player… I had to both be part of the OFFENSE as well as the DEFENSE, and I felt I had the responsibility of keeping the TEAM together. It was a Big Responsibility, but I took it on…and felt like that was my calling …and this transferred onto my business life as well… I naturally became the “connector”, and quite often the “leader”, if you can call it that…. And funny as it might sound, I did not really ENJOY Being the Leader, but “Summbody" Had To Step Up To The Plate…and JUST DO IT!.

…so I guess that was Me then ;-)… I stepped up and took whatever responsibility that I could. This was also one of the reasons I got into Mastermind Groups and SAW, or should I say, SEE the immense power that the Mastermind Groups offer to each individual in the group…AND, not the LEAST, the group as “Spiritual Entity”… which is NOT the Sum of its parts…it is MUCH, MUCH “Grander” than that.
What I am referring to here is the INVISIBLE INTELLIGENCE that Napoleon Hill refers to or like Mark Victor Hansen says: 1 + 1 is Not 2, it is 11 (Eleven!).

Now the Question Begs: Who do YOU decide you are going to hang out with… and even more importantly, what are YOU going to do about it…or with them?

Remember… We are all dependent on getting good at working in teams…as there is “Dream-Work in Team-Work”…also a quote from Mark Victor Hansen. I love that guy! 😉

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!