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Let Me Share Some Personal Insights and Advice With You.

Hey Abi, I want to share something that happened to me when I was involved in commercial real estate investing back in the early 2000 in San Francisco.

…and there is a Very important lesson, or call it “advice/tip” that I want YOU to learn from.

I will try to make this as short as I can.

OK.. I was being mentored by a pretty well-known real estate investor in the US. He was going to come into San Francisco for a seminar he was going to give and since I was one of his “students” I wanted to also see if I could do something for him…but also do something that would help me.

Since I had a HUGE network in SF…. as some of you might know, I used to throw pretty big and lavish parties and social events in SF and I had over 20,000 people on my Personal email/database list…. And mind you…there were some pretty “well-known people” on that list.
… for example, one of the founders of PayPal and also the founder of Hotmail… I will not mention any names here…but you get the picture…

… So… what I set up for this Real Estate Mentor of mine, was a Private networking/cocktail and handpassed horderves type of event where this Mentor of mine would pitch some real estate investment opportunities for these very wealthy people. The event was hosted at a penthouse, in downtown SF.

Ok… I just wanted you to get a “picture” of what I was doing…therefore the story up front…

So… I had of course, ahead of time had a conversation with this mentor of mine and one other friend of mine that I would receive 2% of any money raised by this group at this event. This conversation took place on the phone with the three of us attending it.

Long story short…..

…guess what happened: The, “so-called mentor” of mine… ended up, after the event refusing to pay me my 2% because he said that was not how he had understood/remembered it… and of course I confirmed back with my friend of what he remembered…and he of course remembered it exactly as I did: He was going to give us 2% of whatever money was raised….

Needless to say… I was not too happy with this guy… of course, I broke the relationship with him…so that was not a good thing for me either… especially as now I had close friends that I had personally invited to this very unique investment opportunity…and you can only imagine the dilemma I had..

….I am not going to go into the details around that, but the Lesson Learned is this: Next time, if you are going into an agreement or decide to do something with someone where money or important topics are discussed and agreed upon….

I strongly recommend that you immediately FOLLOW UP with a WRITTEN EMAIL to highlight and put in some DETAIL what it is that You “UNDERSTOOD” to have been AGREED upon… as then “the two parties” would have a Much, Much better chance of NOT getting into the situation that I got into.

I have since followed my own advice and BOY does it work and removes misunderstanding from one another and it is a great way to avoid potential conflicts with people.

To your success,

… I am just saying… Do “Suummmthing” about it and see the change it will make for you.

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!


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