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Say What? … The Pomodoro Technique??

Say What? … The Pomodoro Technique…some of you that follow me on Social Media have heard me SWEAR about this before… and I thought I would share it with you again as I have been doing this since Jan. 1, CONSISTENTLY Five Days a Week… and I believe it is SO important for YOUR own success too!

What is it and what has it done for me… and Why is it important for YOU to “consider” this technique for your own productivity as well?

…well, let me tell you this… my focus, and Not The Least my Productivity has SKYROCKETED over these past weeks since I started this… I had heard about it Many, Many times before, but NEVER did anything about it…until John L. Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire Showed me how he is doing it… and that Changed EVERYTHING about how I did it…

… you can “in sorts,” say that he has acted as a Virtual Mentor for me. He has shown me the way and I am so GRATEFUL he did.

So what is this so-called Pomodoro Technique? Well, I basically Set a Timer (ex. 20 min or 40 min.) and Work ONLY ON ONE TOPIC at a time… No Distractions and NO Social Media or Emailing, no Alarms of Pop-Ups on my computer…SILTZ, ZERO! And then I take a break from 10 to 17 min. YOU DECIDE ON THE LENGTH OF BOTH YOUR WORK TIME and BREAK TIME!

Tip For Success (Your Success): If you do this,…then follow this “simple advice”, which I had NOT done before, but decided to do this time: I TRACKED EVERY SESSION I did. I wrote down and “SCORED MYSELF” from 0 to 10 of how 1. Productive and 2. Disciplined I felt I was during every single session…

…and another Tip: I do FOUR of these sessions First thing in the morning when I start my work.
As they say, “what gets measured, gets DONE!” And the proof is in the “pudding!”…otherwise I would NOT have kept on doing this routine until now…

So, what are YOU going to do RIGHT now to make that change in your life that will make a Huge difference to you and how productive you are going to be?

Hit me up if you want some more specific details as to how I do this as it is a Game Changer BIG time… seems like a “small thing”, but BOY what Mountains It WILL MOVE for you as well.

…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!