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Today I will have an important conversation with you… it is important as it can change the way you look at an opportunity or Any Opportunity for that matter, that comes your way.

Let me share a story with you. I used to work for a large company as a concierge and it was one of my first jobs in the USA. I had worked there for about 3 years and I remember quite clearly that the office manager was not very nice nor supportive even though my performance was very good.

Initially, I took the job thinking it would be right up my alley of expertise and what I REALLY wanted to do…but as it turned out it was absolutely not. At the time of this job, I was residing in the USA on an H1B visa and my legal status was tied to this job….so it was not an easy situation for me, as you can imagine.

Long story short, it actually came to a point where I was so Fed Up…that one day I just decided to Resign…..and so I did, right there and then on the spot. The risky part here was that I could be kicked out of the county so I needed to act fast.


Previously in my career and life I had organized events for my friends of friends circle and they had always been fun and successful and I kind of knew I had a knack for this. But I had never looked at that as business and an income source…it was something I had been doing just for fun, up until then… but as I started thinking about it and looking around what others were doing in this “space”, I realized that there was some “real potential” here… being an event organizer / party promoter… and so my journey started…

… I engaged a great immigration attorney (James Wolfe) that mapped out what I needed to do… I wrote a business plan in 3 weeks and filed for a new visa, on my own…it was a liberating experience… finally I was not dependent on someone else. Making this decision was the BEST decision I had made in my life up until that time…it truly was… now I was finally Free to explore what I had always wanted to do, work for myself, and do what I loved doing: organizing special events for my ever-growing Friends of Friends list…..and little did I know that several years down the line I would be one of the biggest promoters in San Francisco…if I may be so humble to say that 😉.

What is my point here: Follow your heart, listen to “inner voice” and follow your gut as to what it is that makes you happy and Dive In. I was in a way lucky that I hated my job as much as I did… I was lucky that my boss was such a “jerk”…and I am actually GRATEFUL for him being that way…as it served Me in the end to follow my passion… and Follow my “WHY”… Why am I here and, Really Deep down, Why am I doing what I am doing…this is a question I would really like you to Find Out For Yourself.

It is my Wish for you that you will find Your True Passion in life as too many,… way TOO many people go through life working a job 9-5 and making other people rich… and this is not me ….and I would guess it is not you either…and that is why you are reading this. PS. I will tell you more about MY “WHY” later and what that “WHY” means to me….as it might help you Find your “WHY” as well.

Please let me know if you have Any Questions or Comments or ..well, whatever and I will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.