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Mastermind Group at ANY Stage of Your Life

Mastermind Group Members cheerfully smiling at the camera

The Core Idea Of Creating Your Own MasterMind Group At ANY Stage of Your Life And Career

What everyone should know about me, ALF? It is for YOUR BENEFIT!

I want to share something pretty cool with you, a story from my own life, something I am dead on sure about that many more people out there need to know about as well… and it goes like this:

LET ME GIVE YOU A LITTLE BACKGROUND: I moved to San Francisco, California in 1985… and loved it there. Who would not? I got to be part of and experience things that I otherwise would not have had the privilege to do.

I went to college there and I started several businesses. I made a TON of great friends and many of whom I am still very much in touch with to this very day, many of them might even be reading this right now. 😉

Without boring you too much with all the gory details, I moved back to my hometown, Larvik, Norway in 2016, after a ‘short stunt‘ of a little over 30 years 😉 Wow! How fast time flies… I am back home again.

When I got back home, many of my friends and business acquaintances here in Norway asked me, “So Alf, what is the greatest thing or experience you took with you after living there for over 30 years?” I said, “GREAT Question…”

I kind of knew I would get that question and my answer is always the same: The Power Of Creating Your Very Own Mastermind Group. Hands down… no doubt… no question. This is always my answer. Then they often would ask, unless, of course, I asked them first “If they knew what a Mastermind was.”

what’s a Mastermind Group?

Very simply put, a Mastermind Group is a group of 2 or more people (I like to say no more than 6 people) that get together and form a close-knit group where everyone is there to help each other.

Inside this group, they would take their thoughts, ideas, and inspirations to a whole new level. Having a ‘BURNING DESIRE’ would definitely aid in your success rate *hint, hint* Now, something very unique happens IF you KNOW how to put this group together the right way’ and pick the ‘Right Group Members‘. Hopefully, Each Member is highly motivated.

I was truly inspired by `Napoleon Hills’ book, “THINK AND GROW RICH”. I read that book 7.5 times 😉 Let me add here, as it is important, a Mastermind Group is NOT a group that just has a bunch of people meet at a specific time or is in a Facebook group and gather to chat about / focus on a topic, that is called Networking or mingling.

NO, a Mastermind Group is a carefully crafted, organized, focused, built, and managed group so that it will have theOptimum Outcome for all the INDIVIDUAL Members. A Mastermind is actually something mystical, or should I say, something MAGICAL happens in a Mastermind group… which is hard to explain if you have not experienced it before.

It is TRUE what Napoleon Hill said in his book: You create, no, the Mastermind Group creates an invisible, POWERFUL ENERGY that only can happen in a small, tight group like this.

Those that have been involved in Team Sports, will know what I am talking about. It is when you are in the ‘zone’, you find your ‘sweet spot’ and you feel UNSTOPPABLE and come up with ‘moves’ in this case, thoughts, ideas, and insights that you otherwise did not even know you had. It is truly magical.

Thanks for allowing me to RAMBLE along here a little bit… but it was important for me to get this OUT 😉

Now, some of you might wonder… why is this Mastermind Principle so important? I understand it is important to Alf because he is in business and he uses it for that… but, how can this apply to PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE that is reading this right now?

Here’s a quick read about what a Mastermind Group is NOT you might also be interested in.

Allow me to give you a couple of examples…

This is what I tell people when they say: “Great… I am so happy for you that you found something that works so well for you Alf” then I say, “Well… these Mastermind principles can be used by ANYONE that is ALIVE to achieve, well, anything they put their mind to”“Really Alf, what are YOU SMOKING?,” they ask me (Read: With a SMILE on their face).


Pretend you have a child that is 3 or 4 years old. This child is in kindergarten and you happen to know that ‘this Kindergarten’ does not have the means to afford all the toys, games, and LEARNING MATERIAL that you feel this kindergarten should have… so that YOUR VERY SPECIAL CHILD would in other words NOT get the Best “early education” that you FEEL they should.

Problem Solved: Form a Mastermind with 2 to 6 other parents. Decide to meet once a week and start coming up with ideas of how you can raise funds to help the kindergarten be able to afford this Very Important Investment…

…I don’t want to start going into details of the ideas that they could come up with… even though I have many… but can’t you SEE how this can be used in ANY FACET of life and in ANY situation….. if you just Learned How To Properly form and lead a Mastermind Group.


This time imagine you had gone to school and studied dentistry… and you wanted to start your own practice. Form a Mastermind and band together, for instance with other Dentists that are also starting out.

…BUT bring in someone that is already successful at what you want to do. But don’t forget to bring in someone that already HAS the experience of setting up an office and knows how to market their services, hire personnel, and in general knows how to run a similar business.

So finding someone that has a background in a different industry would also work fine as the experience is always very relatable. Starting to see the Power Of These Groups??? I hope so…


You work in a company and you want to climb the corporate ladder or even just get a promotion. Form a Mastermind group that contains members that have the same desire as you… AND also include someone that has already ‘been there, done that’… meaning, they have already claimed the corporate ladder successfully and are WILLING to share and give back.

TRUST YOU ME (I say it this way to get your attention) Many people (the right people) ARE willing to help, more than you can imagine. Good people like to give to themselves… find them, and find ways to give back to them as well. There has to be a balance. Give And You Shall Receive…. I rest my case 😉

Hopefully, you got Inspired by my ‘little story’… as I would LOVE to hear back from you and how you could use something like this in your life OR know of someone that could make great use of this.

PS. I am here to share my knowledge, inspiration, insights, connections, and hopes for your success. My MISSION is to help others succeed and reach their fullest potential in Life… it is a GREAT feeling, and I am “Sticking To It” 😉

PPS. I am looking forward to your comments and would love to hear about YOUR success stories in such groups as well.

Humbly, and Sincerely, Alf or, Alf and Alf like someone refers to me……” Hey.. where is the “Other Alf?” My reply: I let him out only once in a while 😉