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How to hire a VA and build your team from there

Why would you want to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)? What tasks would you want to give to them? How would you manage them as well as keep them accountable? Do I really need a VA and can I afford one?  How do I make sure they do the tasks correctly? How do I best stay in touch with them? 

We have all had these questions and possibly even more questions. I did too when I was first starting out.  However, what I quickly learned is that without a VA I would end up working IN MY BUSINESS instead of ON my business. You have heard that term, right – “working in your business”, simply means that you are doing all the data entry, all the Social Media Postings, all the KW0 research, answering each and every customer email, managing your email list, posting articles to your Blog … I mean, the list goes on and on.

Luckily what I quickly discovered was that I needed to delegate these tasks as well a putting a system in place. This way I not only “captured what one VA had learned” by creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). I was also able to have that VA train my next VA so that the first VA could advance to the next level.

In this course, I will help you get started with the first VA. I will then quickly advance to the second VA. We will set it up in such a way that you actually have TWO VAs that work for you at the same time. That way create redundancy and stability in your team. Trust me, I have lost many VA’s over the years and suddenly had to start over and over again. That is what I will help you avoid at all costs.