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Always Do This First….

Would you buy a house before you inspected it, did some research about it, or made sure you could get a loan for it? … Would you buy a car before you test-drove it, or sat in it? …just like you wouldn’t get married before you went on several dates….?

So…why am I telling you all this stuff up front? …you see, this morning I started reading a new book with the title, Buy Back Your Time …it is about building your virtual team… and in that book, Seth Godin was quoted as saying, why would you invest thousands of Dollars hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), without testing them first to see if they are a fit and how good they really are.

….makes total sense if you ask me…. So this and much, much more is what I am teaching people that “are in the market” for a VA to not make the mistake I have made… probably over 100 times… before I figured out this simple, but vital “concept”. Think about it is not only the right thing to do for you and your business but also for the VA…as they also would be much more comfortable working for you as well and making sure they are doing the type of work that they actually LIKE to do.

So when I am hiring a VA, I am taking them through all kinds of tests… or like I like to call it, a screening and vetting period. I test how patient they are, and how punctual they are… Are they good at following up…are they HUNGRY for this job… do they ask the right questions and do they have the right infrastructure at their home office and the ability to work when I need them to work?

There are tons and tons of questions that need to be “unraveled” and the Better The Questions I am able to ask, the higher the chances are of me finding the “Right Fit” in a VA.

Think about it…this is a crucial part of your business… If you are like me and have a Virtual Team overseas…it is Darn Crucial that you have the right type of VAs on your side … someone that you can count on to be there every day to help you move forward.

So, let me ask you this… Are you truly accomplishing everything you need and desire to do each day? Pause for a moment and consider the potential impact on both your valuable time and lost income if you don’t take action and bring a top-notch VA on board to support you. The possibilities for growth are truly inviting!

You can check out some of my YouTube Videos where I am actually giving you some free videos of my training that I also provide in a very detailed course. The link will be further below, but I will also give it to you here