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Party Promotion Ideas

I very often get asked… “Alf, how do you come up with your party ideas?” … well.. what I most often do.. I ASK MY Close Friends…is this something you could get fired up about…and I tell them what I have in mind… and BAM… a Party Get’s Born 😉
…it really is as simple as that.

For those that did not know me when I was a Party Promoter in San Francisco, I went under the party name: Alf and Alf ….it was me and me ;-)… but there still only was ONE of me even though I named my parties Alf and Alf (Credit to Katherine Bretz for coming up with that party name actually 😉

I was probably also known for being one of the very few party promoters in San Francisco that did a WIDE VARIETY of parties and events… it was anything from your “standard” Club Dance Parties…to Beach Parties, to Themed events, to Outings In The Park, to Rafting Excursions, to Social Mixers, To Bad Taste Parties, to Fund Raisers to, Bus Trips to Concerts, or Bus Trips to See the Sunrise (yes, we did that on the Longest night of the year)…to … God knows what… whatever we/I felt like and that I got a Gut Feeling for that I could get people Excited about and Rally Around…I pretty much went for it… as my group was mostly based on Friends of Friends…we did what WE ENJOYED doing together in a group.

So… Again … ASKING YOUR Friends or Target Market what they would be excited about Doing Together in a Group…that usually ended up what we would do…so I basically got to work and created events around all these different types of events…and I would say… most of the time they were a Big Success.. however, sometimes the Weather Played a Big Factor….and that could “ruin” the event as well… But we live only ones…so some chances have to be taken…they just have to… 😉

If you are involved with The City Social Groups, like for instance The Symphony in SF, they throw a HUGE Black and White Ball every two years…and I was involved with that one as well…and we also gathered a group to attend it…it was LOADS of fun.

As a Party Promoter, you can elect to get involved with all kinds of groups and also help with a lot of great causes… I would say that 90% of all the events I did, I donated 10% to charities…sometimes I even donated 100% of my profits… one of those times was for the Children’s World Peace Festival…if I remember the name correctly. It always gives me a LOT of pleasure helping others that needed it more than me and I frequently got questions to support Special Interest groups…I also did fundraisers for Glide Memorial Church, as well as Pathways For Kids…the list goes on.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of how to come up with ideas and how you also can help out at the same time. …but remember one thing: Make sure you have fun Yourself as well…as that was one of the CORE things for me… as I would NEVER have done these events if I also did not have a Great Time Myself as wel 😉

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