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Why Become A Club Party Promoter?

…so I have been thinking about this for a while… how come I “ended up becoming a party promoter”? … I would not say it puzzled me, as it kind of felt very natural to me… Why? Because I always liked bringing Friends of Friends together for socializing and a fun time.
Maybe it had to do with my background from Norway… I have played in team sports all my life and I always enjoyed the camaraderie and Team Spirit when we worked as a Team and accomplished things together… Another thing about my Norwegian culture is that we did not go out on dates, which I learned was very common in the USA… … we would meet in groups of Friends of Friends…and if we were attracted to one another, then we would become boy girlfriend. I am just speaking from my own viewpoint here and little did I know what would come of it as I progressed through the ranks of doing all kinds of social events…


Listicle offal viral, flannel franzen roof party shoreditch meditation subway tile bicycle rights tbh fingerstache copper mug organic umami. Glossier meditation ugh brooklyn quinoa, 8-bit banh mi eGood question…it would be whatever I felt like doing AND most of the ideas would come about simply by ASKING MY FRIENDS of what they thought would be FUN to do in a Group as well as ideas that I had come up with on my own that I thought would be fun… …so when I was in college for example..the very first event I did was a dance party at a local bar that happened to have a small dance floor ….and where we knew the owner very well (you will see a mention about this event in another write up I have done here…)

Another time I organized a Bus where we could fit 50 friends and we all went to a San Francisco Giants Baseball game at the Candlestick Park to watch the game… and of course, I “Threw In A Party Twist” on this as well… Basically I created a Party Around the Whole Event… where we all met at a bar first and had some drinks and then some more drinks on the bus and we even created a THEME around the event to make it more fun…etc. etc. etc. more on that in another article….but it turned out to be such a Blast that we did that many many more times and it grew to 8 buses and 400 people all attending Live Concerts with the Gipsy Kings etc. etc…

Then I organized Beach Parties, Picnics, Themed parties like Halloween, Christ Mas Parties, Thanksgiving parties, New Year’s Eve parties… Rafting Parties and the list goes on and on…

So, as you can probably tell by now… this all stemmed from my passion for bringing people.. no.. Friends of Friends together, for a fun/social time…. This was really at the CORE for me in hosting these events: I wanted to have fun myself as well as create Fun For my Friends of Friends.

In the beginning… I pretty much did this at a Break-Even was never about the profit for me at all.


Venmo fixie knausgaard readymade. 3 wolf moon blue bottle sartorial blog. Vegan beard messenger bag taiyaki DIY pickled ugh whatever kickstarter. Yuccie 3 wolf moon church-key, austin kitsch try-hThat is a really good question… I think that you must enjoy what you are doing… and for me.. I could do this even without getting paid for it… I have always enjoyed putting together events and bringing fun, nice, genuine people together for a Good Time… and who does not like that 😉?

I remember one time when I had brought 400+ people to a Live Gipsy Kings concert to the Greek Theater at the University of Berkeley… a friend of mine, Paul, asked me point-blank: Alf, why do you do these events… as he understood very clearly the amount of work I had put into it as well as that I would NOT make much money on this event at all…. and I answered him: Just Look At How Much Fun All These People are having… THAT IS WHAT I REALLY ENJOY SEEING and being a part of. That was it… that simple… I just got a LOT out of Connecting Fun people with Fun people… …AND a Big Part Of the Formula as well was… I Always Managed To have a LOT of fun as well.. ;-)… as one thing I can Promise you, I would never have done this for over 22 years if I had not enjoyed it as much as I did.

Good personality traits that you should have are probably to be pretty organized and an On-Time Person, or punctual… meaning.. you need to have the skill of paying attention to details as well as knowing when you need to get “Stuff done”. …so I am a big believer in taking down notes and writing down ideas and setting deadlines.
…and of course, you need to be a pretty social person that enjoys being around people… for myself.. …and this is going to sound somewhat contradictory, I don’t really feel that I am that Super Social…as I also need a Lot of time to myself…but I also enjoy being around Friends and Friends of Friends and I enjoy helping other people and making others feel comfortable in different settings….

… I also enjoyed being “The Instigator” of .. Hey, let’s do this.. let’s do that… and I was good at getting people Excited about my events.. I could for example speak with …let’s say, 10 to 20 people – individually, one on one -, and Get them So Fired up that Each one of them would “turn around” and tell 10 of their friends again to come to one of my events.. .and BAM… suddenly I would have 200 people showing up. HINT: This is a KEY PROMOTIONAL TRICK I have used throughout my Promotion Career that has worked Wonders.

Networking with other people/groups is also a nice ability to have as you could both Give and Receive value and benefits to others as well as yourself when organizing events. It is always great to have good connections as it opens doors and makes things go smoother and gives you the ability to accomplish things you otherwise would not be able to do.
…I always did my best to Give more than I would receive and be helpful to whomever I encountered… and this is a skill I am doing my best to live by to this very day… many, many good things will come from it.

Another thing I also enjoyed doing was to bring in One Other Partner to help organize/promote the event.. then we could both benefit from each other’s different skills and connections. …and that would also create the Team Spirit and Momentum that I have mentioned that I always have enjoyed from playing on a team.

But you want to be careful whom you bring into your “sphere” as trust, honesty, and accountability are something you need to be in alignment with… more on that later.

PS… Hope some of these insights help and also inspired you to become a Party Promoter.

Please let me know if you have Any Questions or Comments or ..well, whatever and I will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.