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Do You know How To “Slow Time Down?”… I do


…this is almost going to sound “mystical” to you…but, let me try to explain. I have been in sports all my life…well, to be honest here… almost all my life…but if I was not in sport, I treat my “exercises” and “activities” as a sport. You see, when I do anything that requires my physical strength, I “pretend” I am on the “court” and in a game… and a game for LIFE.

…so..what do I mean by “Do You Know How To Slow Time Down”… I will try my best to explain it…but the ones of you that will “identify” with me and really understand what I am meaning… you will most likely have had to compete in sports on a “somewhat” high-intensity level…I could be mistaken here, but I am referring to be “in the FLOW”… to be in the Zone… to find your “ultimate best” when you are competing.

Back when I lived in San Francisco, I was fortunate enough to connect with a bunch of great people playing, Hacky Sack, or Footbag, which is the correct name of the sport. Prior to arriving in SF, I had played competitive soccer back in Norway…practicing five to six times a week.
…so I considered myself pretty coordinated and I have always been competitive by nature.

These Hacky Sackers, if I shall call them that, just so happened to be some of the best footbag players in the World… there were several World Champions among them, and several of them were girls…they would KICK MY ASS Big Time, but I was Hell Bent on catching up with them in “not too long”. But Footbag Net (we basically played volleyball with our feet only, on a badminton court) is a sport that one does NOT learn overnight… as a matter of fact, it took me EIGHT “FRIGGIN YEARS” to reach the level I really wanted to be at: one of the “Best in the world”…that was my goal…

Anyway.. I am not going to bore you with all of that, but I wanted you to understand that to be able to Reach the “Flow” and “Slow Down Time”, I needed to be at my Own Peak in order to even experience that… “Flow” as I keep on referring to!

I remember it very clearly one day I was playing with my Doubles partner, Bill Langbehn in Golden Gate Park, as we would practice there on the weekends, and he and I would talk about “How We Actually Could Slow Down Time” when a SPIKE would come at us with MASSIVE Speed and Power…that when you found the “Flow”, you could ACTUALLY Slow Down Time and you could actually, “deal with the spike” in Slow Motion… and that way be able to deal with the spike and either hit it back OR set your partner so he could spike it back… think of regulate volleyball of how that works and you get the picture.

This actually worked!…it was UNBELIEVABLE to experience…it was a RUSH…it was… unexplainable to the “layman”, but became second nature to us, who were able to “Find The Flow”!…however, it did not happen all the time as you really had to be “finely tuned”, if I can refer to it as that.

…so why am I even talking about all this…and how could this possibly be of any importance at all to you? This is the same for me in my “business world”… I create Teams that find the Flow together… Teams of Mastermind groups, teams where you work so tightly that you will encounter something referred to as the Infinite or Third Intelligence.

Napoleon Hill was one of the first ones to talk about this in Think And Grow Rich…as that is exactly what a Mastermind group is all about… creating that synergy that you get when you are “in a team” that works together, gels together, help one another to really find that flow….and take “things, business” or even a relationship or sports to a whole other “Flow Level”…

…and mind you… you can NEVER DO THIS ALONE… you must be on a TEAM that Gels and Flows in order to reach that state.

…so my Dear friend, what are YOU going to do about your desire to “Slow Down Time/Find Your Flow”?

… I am just saying?… Do “Suummmthing” about it and see the change it will make for you.

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!