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Do you LOVE PAIN in Exercise?…I do

Hey!, do you LOVE Pain in exercise? … just wondering… as I happen to do so…but what does this have to do with “anything”?

Well, I grew up playing all kinds of different sports.. I guess I had Wayyyy TOO much energy as a kid that I would for sure have been given all kinds of ADHD medications and all that CRAP that kids are given these days. However, expressing myself on the court or with my team, was a God Send for me. I got to “blow off some steam” and get all that energy out.

For me, it also would clear out my head and the thoughts I had and I would be able to focus SO, SOOOO much better. So even today, as a “little older” version of myself, I still use the same techniques… just as recently as YESTERDAY, I was logging wood in the forest and I needed to drag HUGE LOGS from about 3 to 400 meters inside the forest to my truck/hanger.

…Not only do some of these logs weigh about 2 to 300 KG’s, but they also have to be dragged over rocks and stumps and other “debris” on my way dragging them to the hanger, where I then have to lift them up and “stack” them there for transportation to the place where I split them.

…backtrack a few hours earlier… early in the morning yesterday, I was reading a book called: “Gnar Country. Growing old, staying RAD!”, By Steven Kotler and he talks about using a “Weight Vest” to, well…, get even more out of ones’ workouts in the forest, as that is Why I am logging, to get a workout and stay in shape. …so I decided to ADD that to my “dragging of these huge logs” through the forest. It sure added some extra FUEL and EXCITEMENT to my time in the forest…;-) and guess what?.. I LOVE IT. I say, “Bring IT ON”.

I love that feeling of pushing myself, taking it to the Max, FEEL that you are actually LIVING and improving yourself All the Time… that is how I view myself in Business as well… constantly Learning and Growing and Pushing myself AND those around me as well. I am not the kind of guy that just like to “Hang around”…I like to “Do Suummthing”, like you see me write it some of my emails.

…SO…why am I writing all this to you, Abi,… well, don’t you Get IT? It is to FIRE YOU UP as well… what are You Doing to Push Yourself…in all Areas of life?… you have to always GROW…and Never STOP GROWING…

…if you recall one of my previous emails, my “Buddy, Pepe from Mexico”, always instilled in me: When you stop growing, you are dying… just like a flower does: when it stops growing, it is dying.

PS…if you want to see some pix/videos of me in the forest,
You can check them out here:

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…the Best to you…

The world is waiting for you!

Do Summmthing….
You’ve got this!